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Experience the Lore and Magic of Ancient Egypt

We are proud to bring you our finest new fragrances. Each custom blend captures in a unique way our love of Egyptian herbal lore.

Fragrant Oil DisplayOils and Solid Perfumes. Yakshi Fragrances are blends of natural and human-made fragrances in a colorless, odorless, nontoxic base with no petrochemicals. Available as oils or solids.

Solid Fragrance Display

Solids in Carved Soapstone

Yakshi Incense. We dip our incense in our own fragrances. Our incense has a milder, softer, more perfume-like fragrance than the acrid smell of other brands. Bulk Incense Rack

There are no animal products of any kind, and no petrochemicals or preservatives, in any of the Yakshi products.

Our Egyptian Line has been extremely popular since it was introduced one year ago.

Custom cases shown here are available for retail display.

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